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Table 2 Date, origin and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis profile of selected patients and all environmental isolates recovered from Ward A.

From: Measuring the effect of enhanced cleaning in a UK hospital: a prospective cross-over study

Ward A Patient Date Specimen site Environmental
PFGE profile Reference
  P1A 24.7.06 Foot   15e 2217.L
  P2A 10.8.06 Nose   15b/15z/15–71 2218.G
  P3A* 18.8.06 Foot   16–237/16–296 2220.X
  P4A 21.8.06 Groin   15 h 2223.N
  P5A 31.8.06 Nose   15a 2226.P
  P6A 08.9.06 Nose   15d 2228.T
  P7A* 21.9.06 Groin   15b/15z/15–71 2230.P
   25.9.06   E1A Computer 15–73 2231.F
   06.10.6   E2A Patient notes 15–73 2232.T
   11.10.06   E3A Overbed table 15–73 2233.M
  P8A 13.10.06 Throat   15a 2234.V
  P9A 18.10.06 Heel   15b/15z/15–71 2235.R
   25.10.06   E4A Patient notes 15b 2236.D
   07.11.06   E5A Hoist 16–237/16–296 2237.S
   07.11.06   E6A Door handle 16–237/16–296 2238.Z
  P10A 27.11.06 Throat   15b/15z/15–71 2239.Q
  P11A* 16.12.06 Leg   124b 2240.D
  P12A 21.12.06 Central line   16–237/16–296 2241.S
  P13A 05.2.07 Stoma   16–216 6576.A
   13.2.07   E7A Hoist 15a 6541.A
   13.2.07   E8A Bedside locker 15a 6562.T
   13.2.07   E9A Desk 15e 6570.D
  P14A* 14.2.07 Arm   15b 6552.G
  P15A* 18.2.07 Catheter site   15b 6537.A
   19.2.07   E10A Bed frame 15e 6535.H
   19.2.07   E11A Overbed table 15b 6578.K
  P16A* 21.2.07 Throat   16–98/16–118 6577.C
  P17A* 21.2.07 Nose   16–218 6540.W
   08.3.07   E12A Bed frame 15a 6595.P
   22.6.07   E13A Bed frame 15e 6585.X
   27.6.07   E14A Hoist 15d 6591.G
   04.7.07   E15A Desk 15b/15z/15–71 6543.K
  P18A* 12.7.07 Throat   15b/15z/15–71 6566.D
   21.7.07   E16A BP stand 15b 6678.T
  P19A 23.8.07 Nose   15a 6682.T
  1. PFGE = pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; patient numbers with an asterix denote new acquisitions of MRSA on the ward