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Table 3 Date, origin and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis profile of selected patients and all environmental isolates recovered from Ward B.

From: Measuring the effect of enhanced cleaning in a UK hospital: a prospective cross-over study

Patient Date Specimen
PFGE profile Reference number
   12.7.06   E1B Bedside locker 15i 6593.E
   20.7.06   E2B Overbed table 15i 6546.X
   20.7.06   E3B BP stand 15i 6532.X
   09.8.06   E4B BP stand 15i 6581.C
  P1B* 11.8.06 Wound   15b/15z/15–71 6587.G
   25.9.06   E5B Computer 16b 6545.B
   06.10.06   E6B Overbed table 16b 6575.W
  P2B* 27.11.06 Nose   15b/15z/15–71 6549.N
  P3B 09.12.06 Sputum   16–237/16–296 2132.V
  P4B 11.12.06 Throat   16–237/16–296 6586.L
   18.12.06   E7B Desk Pig strain; non-typable 6579.J
  P5B 22.1 07 Throat   15e 6553.N
   19.2.07   E8B BP stand 15e 6588.N
   08.3.07   E9B Infusion pump 15c 6589.E
  P6B 03.4.07 Central line   15e 6533.Z
  P7B* 11.4.07 Nose   16b 6559.M
   08.5.07   E10B Door handle 15b/15z/15–71 6568.Z
   22.6.07   E11B Bedside locker 15b/15z/15–71 6583.J
   04.7.07   E12B Hoist 15b/15z/15–71 6557.F
  P8B* 16.7.07 Leg   15c 6563.M
  P9B* 24.7.07 Nose   15c 6565.R
   21.8.07   E13B Door handle 15a 6680.P
  1. PFGE = pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; patient numbers with an asterix denote new acquisitions of MRSA on the ward