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Table 1 Examples of RNA silencing suppressors encoded by several viruses.

From: Human cellular restriction factors that target HIV-1 replication

Virus Viral Suppressors References
Adenovirus VA RNA Lu 2004[199]; Andersson 2005[200]; Xu 2007[201]
HCV Core protein Chen 2008[202]; Wang 2006[203]
Ebola VP35 protein Haasnoot 2007[184]
Influenza A virus NS1 protein Li 2004[204]; Delgadillo 2004[205]; Bucher 2004[206]; Haasnoot 2007[184]; de Vries 2009 [186]
Nodamura Virus NoV B2 protein Sullivan 2005[207]
Primate Foamy Virus Tas protein Lecellier 2005[208]
HIV Tat protein, TAR RNA Bennasser 2005[182]; Haasnoot 2007[184]; Bennasser 2006[183]; Qian 2009[185]
Rice Hoja Blanca Virus NS3 Schnettler 2009[174]
  1. [This table is modified after Grassmann and Jeang, Ref. [159]].