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Table 2 The proportion of the subjects in the lowest and highest quartile at both baseline and 7-year follow-up

From: Trait-specific tracking and determinants of body composition: a 7-year follow-up study of pubertal growth in girls

    Quartile rank at baseline
Cross-table 1–25 75–100
Quartile rank at 7 years 1–25 BM 73.1    8.3   
   LM   69.2    13.0  
   FM    51.9    3.7
  75–100 BM 3.8    70.8   
   LM   0.0    43.5  
   FM    0.0    78.9
  1. Mean values and standard deviation (SD) are given. Longitudinal data were separated into variance due to repeated measurements from each individual (within-individual variance) and variance due to difference between individuals. The variance and its standard error (SE) after controlling for time relative to menarche are given.