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Table 1 Pathways mutually represented by differentially expressed Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 1 (STAT1)-dependent genes and proteins.

From: STAT1-dependent expression of energy metabolic pathways links tumour growth and radioresistance to the Warburg effect

Pathway P-value* (gene) P-value* (protein)
Oxidative phosphorylation 0.00251 0.0955
Citrate cycle 0.00741 0.0182
Urea cycle and metabolism of amino groups 0.00794 0.0224
Pyruvate metabolism 0.0380 0.000151
Nitric oxide signaling in the cardiovascular system 0.0389 0.0245
Glycolysis/gluconeogenesis 0.0589 0.000000000776
  1. *P-value, Fisher's exact test