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Table 4 Odds ratio of late-stage disease for breast cancers detected either during the interscreening interval or at the next rescreen, by type of previous negative mammography report.

From: Incidence, detection, and tumour stage of breast cancer in a cohort of Italian women with negative screening mammography report recommending early (short-interval) rescreen

  Mammography report
  Standard negative Negative with RES
Total cancers, n 807 22
Late-stage cancers   
   n 314 5
   % 38.9 22.7
Odds ratio* (95% CI) 1.00 (referent) 0.59 (0.23-1.53)
  1. * Adjusted for woman's age (continuous).
  2. RES, recommendation for early (<24 months) rescreen; CI, confidence interval.