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Table 1 Primer sequences for mRNA analysis by real-time polymerase chain reaction.

From: Mitf-Mdel, a novel melanocyte/melanoma-specific isoform of microphthalmia-associated transcription factor-M, as a candidate biomarker for melanoma

Gene Primers (human) Amplicon Tm
GADPH F: 5'-cgagatccctccaaaatcaa-3'; 170 60
  R: 5'-ttcacacccatgacgaacat-3'   
MITF-M F: 5'-ttatagtaccttctctttgccagtcc-3' 146 52
  R: 5'-gtttatttgctaaagtggtagaaaggtact-3'   
MITF-Mdel F: 5'-ttatagtaccttctctttgccagtcc-3'; 120 52
  R: 5'-cttataaaatccctgccgttgg-3'