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Table 4 Model performance on validation data

From: Reporting performance of prognostic models in cancer: a review

  Articles with risk groups
(n = 16)
Presentation of discrimination of model predictions  
   KM for risk groups 1
   Other graphical 0
   % survival probability at fixed time 2
   Index of discrimination (see below) 11
   Log rank 1
   Unspecified P-value 0
No presentation of discrimination 4
Index of discrimination$  
   c-index 10
   R squared or goodness of fit 4
   D 0
   Other - k (Begg), SEP (Graf) 2
   Reclassification of patient risk 0
   Yes 2
   No 14
  1. † More than one option possible
  2. $ Two studies reported two indices of discrimination, one study three indices