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Table 2 A hypothetical detailed clinical data table format that could be included as supplemental data with a manuscript; these data for each patient support and extend the data presented in the above summary table

From: An introduction to standardized clinical nomenclature for dysmorphic features: the Elements of Morphology project

  Patient 1 Patient 2
Sex Male Female
Age at examination 12 months 12 months
Weight 10.2 kg (approximately 50th centile) 9.8 kg (approximately 50th centile)
Length 75 cm (approximately 50th centile) 73 cm (approximately 50th centile
Head circumference 49.5 cm (> 97th centile) 48.5 cm (> 97th centile)
Interpupillary distance 5.5 cm (> 2 SD) 5.5 cm (> 2 SD)
Inner canthal distance Increased (subjective) 1.8 cm (normal)
  1. Note that these supplementary clinical data support all of the conclusions in Table 1 by providing raw data. The supplementary data also distinguish objective from subjective findings and Table 1 distinguishes the absence of data on a finding (by using the 'NA' indicator) from a normal finding.