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Table 2 Clinical trials of anticancer drugs using nanocarriersa

From: Advances in the field of nanooncology

Compound Nanocarrier Trial stage
CPX-1 irinotecan Liposome Phase I [11]
LE-SN38 irinotecan Liposome Phase II colorectal cancer
MCC465 doxorubicin mAb-liposome Phase I [12]
NC-6004 cisplatin Micelle Phase II [13]
NK105 paclitaxel Micelle Phase II
NK911 doxorubicin Micelle Phase I
PK1 doxorubicin HPMA copolymer Phase II/III [14]
SP1049C doxorubicin Micelle Phase III [15]
  1. amAb, monoclonal antibody; HPMA, N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide. Reproduced by permission © Jain PharmaBiotech. References to clinical trials are given in section "Current clinical trials using nanobiotechnology for cancer" of the main article.