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Table 7 Additional SNPs identified using the relaxed filter.

From: Evidence for somatic gene conversion and deletion in bipolar disorder, Crohn's disease, coronary artery disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, type-1 diabetes, and type-2 diabetes

SNP Disease(s) Characterized genes in duplicons
rs10147986 CD (40 duplicons)
rs10502407 BD [CIDEA]
rs10896468 CAD OR8U8, OR5M8
rs11010995 RA -
rs11028186 RA ALG1L, ASNS, [ZNF195], [FAM86B2], [DEFB10P1], [DEFA5], [ZFYVE20]
rs11053044 T2D ALG10, ALG10B
rs11118278 CAD CR1L, MCP
rs1192923 HT [ORAOV1]
rs12227938 BD, CAD, T1D ALG10, ALG10B
rs12256867 T2D ZNF33A, ZNF37A, ZNF33B, ZNF37B, [ZNF25]
rs12413153 CAD DDX18, BTBD15, WDR22, [IBRDC2]
rs1291361 BD HTR7, HTR7P, [HEBP1]
rs1404223 CAD -
rs17080801 T2D PARP4, TPTE2
rs17230081 T2D ORM1, ORM2
rs17636964 CD IPMK
rs17645907 T2D [POMZP3]
rs1842055 CAD -
rs1868584 CAD, HT, RA, T1D ROCK2, CGGBP1, [ZNF654]
rs2120273 BD -
rs2236014 BD MTRF1L, [FBX05]
rs2515832 RA MAGEA12, CSAG1, MAGEA2, MAGEA3, TRAG3,
rs2523544 T1D DHFRP2, DHFRL1, DHFR, PSMA8, [HLA-B], [MSH3], [NSUN3]
rs2617729 CD, T2D ZNF761, ZNF765, ZNF813, [ZNF331]
rs330201 CAD MRPL10, [LRRC46], [OSBPL7]
rs3858741 BD, CD, HT PSPC1, [TUBA3C]
rs4318932 CD TYW1, TYW1B, [STAG3L4]
rs4453734 CAD, RA -
rs4473816 RA [GSPT2]
rs4532803 BD, HT ELA3A, ELA3B, [HSPC157]
rs4545817 BD ALG1, FAM86A, [COL6A4P2]
rs4881702 BD -
rs500192 BD, T1D TBL1XR1
rs5946541 BD [BAGE]
rs6427130 RA XCL1, XCL2
rs6463213 BD, T2D RBAK, RNF216L, XKR8
rs6744284 BD UGT1A3 -UGT1A10
rs6945984 RA CYP3A4, CYP3A7, [CYP3A5]
rs7259082 CAD ZNF737, M74509, ZNF66
rs7549545 BD [IER5]
rs7677996 T1D [UGT2B7]
rs7808342 BD -
rs940331 T2D [ZNF735], [ZNF716]
rs9551988 T2D PSPC1, [TUBA3C]
rs9624808 T1D LRP5, LRP5L
rs9665670 BD, CAD [PDSS1]
rs9775226 CD, HT (40 duplicons)
SNP_A-1797773 BD, CD VPS35, [ORC6L]
SNP_A-1817967 CD FAM22A
  1. Genes in square brackets are outside the duplicons, but a duplicon is at most 30 kb upstream of the gene. Genes for two SNPs having 40 duplicons each are omitted.