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Table 1 Description of core stabilization (CSEP) traditional (TEP) and exercise programs

From: Brief psychosocial education, not core stabilization, reduced incidence of low back pain: results from the Prevention of Low Back Pain in the Military (POLM) cluster randomized trial

Exercise CSEP TEP
Principle Lower load, less repetitions Higher load, more repetitions
Activation Slower Faster
Trunk movements None to minimal Full
Dosage Five minutes/day Five minutes/day
#1 Abdominal drawing-in maneuver crunch Traditional sit-up
#2 Left and right horizontal side support Sit-up with left trunk rotation
#3 Hip flexor squat Sit-up with right trunk rotation
#4 Supine shoulder bridge Abdominal crunch
#5 Quadruped alternate arm and leg Traditional sit-up
  1. CSEP, core stabilization exercise program; TEP, traditional exercise program