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Table 2 List of file formats that can be used in direct placement into portable document format (PDF) documents using Adobe Acrobat versions 9 and X

From: Effectively incorporating selected multimedia content into medical publications

Multimedia type File format or type File extension
Audio MP3 audio mp3
Three-dimensional image Autodesk 3D Studio 3ds
  Product Representation Compact (PRC) prc
  Stereolithography stl
  Universal 3D u3d
  Virtual Reality Modelling Language vrml, wrl
  Wavefront Object obj
Video Flash video flv, f4v
  MPEG mp4, m4v
  QuickTime Movie mov
  Shockwave Flash swf
  1. The freely available LaTeX package movie15 covers a similar range of file formats. The 3D file formats presented here constitute a selection of those available.