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Table 4 Relationship between independent variables with each other (Spearman's ρ)

From: Chronic fatigue syndrome in an ethnically diverse population: the influence of psychosocial adversity and physical inactivity

Variable Sex Age Education Employment Social strain Discrimination Negative social support Physical inactivity Depression Anxiety
Sex 1.000          
Age -0.0400a          
Education -0.0381a -0.2628d 1.0000        
Employment 0.2070 d 0.1481d -0.3573d 1.0000       
Social strain 0.0674d -0.1135d -0.0777d 0.1089d 1.0000      
Discrimination -0.1176d -0.0397b 0.1288d -0.1038d 0.1293d 1.0000     
Negative social support 0.0445b -0.1189d -0.0443b 0.0753d 0.2077d 0.0467b 1.0000    
Physical inactivity -0.0135 0.1103d -0.2693d 0.2538d 0.0947d -0.0487b 0.1186d 1.0000   
Depression 0.0529c -0.0060 -0.0096 0.0564c 0.1768d 0.0943d 0.0913d 0.0727d 1.0000  
Anxiety 0.0537d -0.0038 0.0462b 0.0154 0.1884d 0.0730d 0.0879d -0.0187 0.3617d 1.0000
  1. a P < 0.05; b P < 0.01; c P < 0.001; d P < 0.0001.