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Table 4 Codetection of agents in multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction assays from the same nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal sample at initial visit of adults with ARTIa by randomisation group (rapid result vs. delayed result)

From: Access to a polymerase chain reaction assay method targeting 13 respiratory viruses can reduce antibiotics: a randomised, controlled trial

Agent 1 Agent 2 C t valueb (agent 1/agent 2)
Rapid result group   
   Rhinovirus Influenza A virus 24/41
   Rhinovirus Respiratory syncytial virus 33/34
   Rhinovirus Mycoplasma pneumoniae 24/30
   Mycoplasma pneumoniae Rhinovirus 34/36
   Mycoplasma pneumoniae Coronavirus OC43 28/35
   Adenovirus Rhinovirus 20/35
   Influenza B virus Rhinovirus 36/38
   Metapneumovirus Rhinovirus 37/42
   Parainfluenzavirus Respiratory syncytial virus 28/30
Delayed result group   
   Influenza A virus Coronavirus OC43 29/31
   Influenza B virus Rhinovirus 31/37
   Respiratory syncytial virus Rhinovirus 31/36
  1. aARTI, acute respiratory tract infection; b C t value, cycle threshold value.