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Table 1 Neural stem cell (NSC) clinical trials underway

From: Clinical trials for stem cell therapies

Regenerative, Cell Replacement
StemCells Inc., CA HuCNS-SC ® (fetal derived human NSCs)  
   Phase I - completed Batten's Disease (NCL) USA
   Phase Ib Discontinued for lack of enrollment  
   Phase I Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD) USA
   Phase I/II Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Switzerland
NeuroGeneration, CA Autologous NSC-derived Neurons  
   Phase I - completed Advanced Parkinson's Disease USA
   Phase II - clinical hold   
Neuralstem Inc., MD Fetal derived hu spinal cord SCs  
   Phase I ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) USA
ReNeuron, UK ReN001 Immortalized huNSCs  
   Phase I Stroke UK
Targeted Delivery of Therapeutics
City of Hope, CA HB1.F3.CD Immortalized hu NSCS  
   Phase I Recurrent High Grade Glioma USA