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Table 1 Information on data sets used for meta-analysisa

From: Meta-analysis of microarray data using a pathway-based approach identifies a 37-gene expression signature for systemic lupus erythematosus in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Data set Platform Type of data Samples, n Source
Data set 1 1a: HG U133A 1b: HG U133B Pediatric PBMC 59 (38 SLE, 21 controls) Allantaz et al. [11]
Data set 2 2a: HG U95 Av1 2b: HG U95 Av2 Adult PBMC 90 (48 SLE, 42 controls) Baechler et al. [12]
Data set 3 HG U133 Plus 2 Adult PBMC 58 (44 SLE, 14 controls) Unpublished data
Data set 4 HG U95 Av1 Pediatric PBMC 39 (30 SLE, 9 controls) Bennett et al. [35]
Data set 5 1a: HG U133A 1b: HG U133B Pediatric PBMC 57 (47 SLE, 10 controls) Chaussabel et al. [14]
  1. aPBMC, peripheral blood mononuclear cell; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.