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Table 1 Clinical studies evaluating outcome of lifestyle interventions for obese adults and children with NAFLD

From: The role of lifestyle changes in the management of chronic liver disease

Author Patients (n) Study type Therapy Duration Outcome
Franzese et al. [38] 58 Case series Diet and exercise Six months 85% of patients with NAFLD (19/33) with normalization or improvement in US findings of NAFLD
Huang et al. [11] 23 Pilot study Diet one year NASH improved In 60% of patients
Johnson, NA [10] 19 Randomized, controlled trial Exercise four weeks Reduction of hepatic triglyceride concentration, visceral adipose tissue volume and hepatic free fatty acids
Nobili V et al. [16] 53 Randomized, controlled trial Diet and exercise 24 months Children experienced weight loss and improved liver histology after lifestyle intervention
Oza et al. [39] 22 Pilot study Diet six months BMI and steatosis reduced in 86% of patients who completed the study (only 32% of patients completed the study)
Palmer et al. [40] 39 Case series Diet and exercise 2 to 111 months Liver enzymes improved in patients with weight loss
Promrat et al. [37] 31 Randomized, controlled trial Diet and exercise 48 weeks More patients with lifestyle intervention had reduction in NAS score in comparison with control group
St. George et al. [9] 152 Randomized trial Diet and exercise three months Reduction of liver enzymes in both the low-intensity and moderate-intensity groups
Ueno et al. [8] 25 Non-randomized, controlled trial Diet and exercise three months Steatosis improved in the intervention group
Viljanen et al. [12] 34 Case Series Diet six weeks Decreased liver volume and liver fat content, improved hepatic insulin resistance