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Table 3 Modified Poisson regression models with individual IAT items as outcome measures and presence of moderate to severe depressive symptoms as primary predictorsa

From: Problematic internet usage in US college students: a pilot study

Question RR (95% CI) Pvalue
You find that you stay online longer than you intended 1.31 (1.08 to 1.58) 0.005
You neglect household chores to spend more time online 2.34 (1.34 to 4.10) 0.003
You prefer the excitement of the Internet to intimacy with your partner 11.46 (1.64 to 79.92) 0.014
You form new relationships with fellow online users 3.57 (0.86 to 14.86) 0.08
Others in your life complain to you about the amount of time you spend online 2.24 (0.17 to 29.13) 0.54
Your grades or schoolwork suffer because of the amount of time you spend online 4.69 (1.74 to 12.68) 0.002
You check your email before something else that you need to do 1.31 (0.97 to 1.76) 0.08
Does your job performance or productivity suffer because of the Internet? 4.86 (1.50 to 15.75) 0.008
You become defensive or secretive when anyone asks you what you do online *  
You block out disturbing thoughts about your life with soothing thoughts of the Internet *  
You find yourself anticipating when you will go online again 13.18 (4.14 to 41.99) <0.001
You fear that life without the Internet would be boring, empty or joyless 3.35 (1.03 to 10.88) 0.05
You snap, yell or act annoyed if someone bothers you while you are online *  
You lose sleep due to late night logins 3.95 (1.92 to 8.10) <0.001
You feel preoccupied with the Internet when offline or fantasize about being online 11.51 (1.91 to 69.29) 0.008
You find yourself saying "Just a few more minutes" when online 1.79 (1.14 to 3.41) 0.01
You try to cut down the amount of time you spend online 1.94 (1.11 to 2.81) 0.02
You try to hide how long you've been online 41.57 (3.79 to 455.35) 0.002
You choose to spend more time online than going out with others 10.54 (0.94 to 118.30) 0.06
You feel depressed, moody or nervous when you are offline, which goes away when you are back online 31.71 (2.82 to 356.01) 0.005
  1. aRR, relative risk; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; *inestimable based on cell size.