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Figure 5

From: Immunological markers of Plasmodium vivaxexposure and immunity: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Figure 5

Forest plot of the association of Pv MSP-1 N-terminus IgG responses with Plasmodium vivax outcomes. Estimates represent the estimate of P. vivax infection in IgG responders compared with non-responders. For cross-sectional studies, the estimate is an odds ratio; for cohort studies, it is a risk ratio. 1Symptomatic and asymptomatic P. vivax-positive individuals were compared with P. vivax-negative individuals; 2symptomatic individuals who were positive for P. vivax were compared with asymptomatic individuals who were either positive or negative for P. vivax; 3symptomatic individuals who were positive for P. vivax by both PCR and LM were compared with individuals who were negative for P. vivax by both PCR and LM. aEstimate calculated by the current authors from data in the paper; bdata supplied by the original authors and estimate calculated by the current authors; cpublished estimate. All estimates are unadjusted, with the exception of the estimate from Nogueira et al. [27], which was adjusted for geographical sector. When I 2 was ≥30%, meta-analysis based on a fixed-effects model was conducted. Abbreviations: LM, light microscopy; PNG, Papua New Guinea; W, weight.

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