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Figure 7

From: Immunological markers of Plasmodium vivaxexposure and immunity: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Figure 7

Forest plot of the association of Pv MSP-9 IgG responses with P. vivax outcomes. Estimates represent the estimate of P. vivax infection in IgG responders compared with non-responders. For cross-sectional studies, the estimate is an odds ratio, for cohort studies, it is a risk ratio. aData supplied by original authors and estimate calculated by the current authors; bestimate calculated by the current authors from data in the paper; cpublished estimate. All estimates are unadjusted, with the exception of estimates from cohort data from Stanisic et al. [36], which were adjusted for age, season, spatial variation, and individual differences in exposure. 1Meta-analysis of PvMSP-9RIIRII and PvMSP-9RII with odds of P. vivax infection showed a high degree of heterogeneity (I 2 = 77.5%, P = 0.012 and 87%, P = 0.006 respectively), so results were not pooled. Abbreviations: LDR-FMA, ligase detection reaction-fluorescent microsphere assay; LM, light microscopy; PNG, Papua New Guinea; W, weight.

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