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Figure 1

From: Limited antigenic diversity of Plasmodium falciparumapical membrane antigen 1 supports the development of effective multi-allele vaccines

Figure 1

Cross-reactivity of human AMA1 antibodies measured by competition ELISA. Human serum pools from a cohort of Papua New Guinean children were tested for naturally acquired antibodies against 11 PfAMA1 variants. Each variant was competed against 10 other AMA1 alleles in competition ELISA and cross-reactivity was determined. Each graph (A-K) shows the degree of cross-reactivity observed between antibodies to a particular AMA1 allele and 10 other alleles. For each panel (A-K), the competing antigens used in experiments are those listed on the Y-axis (for example, for panel A, W2mef allele was used as the coating antigen, and the Y-axis alleles were used as competitor antigens). AMA1, apical membrane antigen 1.

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