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Figure 2

From: Environmental enteropathy and malnutrition: do we know enough to intervene?

Figure 2

Frequency of enteropathogen detection in infants in Dhaka versus Virginia. Diarrheal and nondiarrheal stool samples were collected at the time points indicated and assayed for 29 enteropathogens by molecular methods. The total number of enteropathogens was summed for each sample; results are shown as mean ± SE. *Bonferroni adjusted P value <0.05 (determined with a linear mixed-effect regression model used to identify differences in the number of pathogens detected between diarrheal and surveillance samples for each month during the study period). **Nonparametric Wilcoxon 2-sample tests were used to compare numbers of pathogens between Virginia and Dhaka samples and between diarrheal and surveillance samples for Virginia alone [10]. SE, standard error.

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