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Table 3 Prevalence of dementia in people with stroke, diabetes and visual impairment

From: Comorbidity and dementia: a scoping review of the literature

Study and country Type of study Type of population Control/comparison Eligibility criteria Recruited from Number whole sample Number dementia/CI
Bruce [30] Australia Longitudinal cross sectional DM NA Defined by post-code, 70 years or older, diabetes Patients living in catchment area of hospital (63% of eligible patients recruited) 223 34 (15.3%)
Feil [38] USA Longitudinal cross-sectional DM NA Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, 60 years or older Geriatric clinic 51 23 (45% CI)
Feil [39] USA Cross-sectional DM NA Veterans aged 65 and older with diabetes mellitus Research administration database (Veterans Health Administration) 497000 65107 (13% dementia/CI)
Hewitt [47] UK Questionnaire DM NA Type 2 diabetes, aged 75 and older, not resident in nursing homes Data from RCT in Primary Care 1047 235 (22.5% dementia/CI)
Zhang [83] Australia Retrospective cohort study DM NA Veterans, 65 and older, received prescription for diabetes in previous six months Health claims database 17095 4.4%
Saposnik [66] Canada Retrospective cohort study Stroke and dementia Stroke no dementia 18 years and older, first ischemic stroke Stroke register (included patients admitted to 12 regional stroke centres in Ontario) 10658 966 (9.1%)
Whitson [78] USA Cross-sectional VI (macular disease) NA 65 and older, macular disease diagnoses Low Vision Rehabilitation clinic 101 19 (19%)
Yochim [79] Case series VI (glaucoma) NA 50 and older, diagnosis of glaucoma Glaucoma clinic 41 44% (MCI)
  1. CI, Cognitive impairment; DM, diabetes mellitus MCI, mild cognitive impairment; RCT, randomised controlled trial; VI, visual impairment.