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Figure 4

From: The systemic influence of platelet-derived growth factors on bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in fracture patients

Figure 4

Enumeration of BM MSCs (left panels) and PDGFR expression on MSCs (right panels) at the point of injury (Day 0 baseline, A) and five days later (B). MSCs and control haematopoietic lineage cells (HLCs) are identified as CD45-CD271+ and CD45 + CD271- cells, respectively. Right panels - the expression of CD140a and CD140b on MSCs (empty histograms) and HLCs (shaded histograms); flow cytometry plots from a representative trauma patient are shown. BM, bone marrow; MSCs, mesenchymal stem cells; PDGFR.platelet-derived growth factor receptor.

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