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Table 1 Neuropsychological testing in neuropsychiatric lupus syndrome (NPSLE) - The ACR 1-hour battery proposal

From: Neuropsychiatric lupus: a mosaic of clinical presentations

Test Evaluates
Revised Wechsler Adult Intelligence scale Psychomotor speed, concentration, and graphomotor abilities
Digit Symbol Substitution Test Psychomotor speed, concentration, and graphomotor abilities
The Trail Making Test Part B Psychomotor speed, attention, and cognitive sequencing
The Stroop Color and Word Test Complex attention and shifting of sets by naming color print for words written in different colors
The learning trial and short delay ‘free’ scores from the California Verbal Learning Test Learning and recall of verbal material
The immediate and 30-minute delayed-recall measure of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test Visual learning and memory
The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Auditory working memory
The Controlled Oral Word Association Test (Letter Fluency) and the Animal Naming Test (Category Fluency) Letter and category verbal fluency
The Finger Tapping Test Simple fine motor speed
  1. Proposed 1 hour battery of neuropsychological testing in NPSLE [76].