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Table 1 Intersections between global mental health and neuroethics

From: Global mental health and neuroethics

Area of Intersection Global mental health Neuroethics
Naturalist and empirical approach * Importance of evidence-based clinical practice locally and globally * Advances in neuroscience may shed light on broad philosophical questions
* Particular need for mental health research in low- and middle-income countries * Value of empirical approaches to answering specific bioethical questions
Concern with both disease and wellness * Focus on absence of disease as well physical, mental and social well-being * Particular interest in the possible value of neuro-enhancement
* Emphasis not only on symptom reduction but also on recovery * Commitment to using technologies to maximise potential of all
Importance of human rights in neuropsychiatric care * Emphasis on the human rights of those suffering from mental illness * Emphasis on the social and legal implications of neuroscientific advances
* Importance of equivalent prioritization of mental and physical health * Concern that neurotechnologies may fortify asymmetric relationships
Value of social inclusion and patient empowerment * Emphasis on value of consumer perspective; ‘nothing for us, without us’ * Role, relevance, and importance of brain science to concepts of ‘self’
* Focus on establishing and enhancing patient empowerment * Emphasis on the meaning of neuroscience, and its contribution to flourishing