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Figure 1

From: Tobacco smoking and all-cause mortality in a large Australian cohort study: findings from a mature epidemic with current low smoking prevalence

Figure 1

Prevalence of current tobacco smoking among Australian adults, 1945–2013. Data are from Scollo MM and Winstanley MH (1945–2010) [9], the Australian Health Survey (2011–2012) [10], and the National Drug Strategy Household Survey (2013) [8]. *Prior to 2001, the prevalences indicate those describing themselves as “current smokers”; from 2001–2010 the prevalences indicate those smoking daily or at least weekly. In 2011/2012 and 2013, they relate to current smoking, including daily, weekly, or less than weekly smoking. Data prior to 1980 are considered less reliable than from subsequent years and are represented with a dotted line [9].

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