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Table 3 Characteristics of each cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) for venous and venous/arterial ulcers (n = 2)

From: A systematic review of cost-effectiveness analyses of complex wound interventions reveals optimal treatments for specific wound types

CEA (Original year of values) Country (Original currency) Perspective Efficacy study design Sample size Population Timeframe Funding source
Dumville 2009 (2006) [46] UK (£) Public payer RCT 267 Mean 74 yrs; venous insufficiency 52 wks Not reported
Ohlsson 1994 (1993) [47] Sweden (SEK) Not reported RCT 30 Median 76 yrs; venous insufficiency; most female 6 wks Not reported
  1. RCT, Randomized clinical trial; WKS, Weeks; Yrs, Years.