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Table 8 Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) outcomes for venous and venous/arterial ulcers (n = 2)

From: A systematic review of cost-effectiveness analyses of complex wound interventions reveals optimal treatments for specific wound types

CEA (Original year of values) Treatment vs. Comparator ICER summary/estimate [2013 US$] Unit of effectiveness Incremental cost [2013 US$] Incremental effectiveness
Dumville 2009 (2006) [46] larval therapy vs. hydrogel 17,757a QALY gained 195 0.011
Ohlsson 1994 (1993) [47] hydrocolloid (DuoDERM) dressing vs. saline gauze Dominanta Additional wound healed −588 0.357
  1. ICER, Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; QALY, Quality-adjusted life-year; US$, United States dollars.
  2. aDenotes the higher quality studies (Drummond score ≥8).