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Table 2 Hazard ratios and associated 95% confidence intervals from Cox regression models showing the effect of adjusting for frailty on the estimate of treatment effect in those for whom a frailty index was calculated n = 2,656

From: No evidence that frailty modifies the positive impact of antihypertensive treatment in very elderly people: an investigation of the impact of frailty upon treatment effect in the HYpertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET) study, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of antihypertensives in people with hypertension aged 80 and over

Variables included in the model Stroke (95 events) Cardiovascular events (231 events) Total mortality (294 events)
Treatment group 0.65 (0.43–0.98) 0.59 (0.45–0.77) 0.83 (0.66–1.05)
Treatment group, sex, and age 0.65 (0.43–0.98) 0.59 (0.45–0.77) 0.83 (0.66–1.05)
Treatment group, sex, age, and FI at entry to the study 0.64 (0.42–0.96) 0.59 (0.45–0.77) 0.83 (0.66–1.04)
  1. All models stratified by region of recruitment.