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Table 4 Estimatesa of effect of diabetes on absolute tuberculosis incidence ratesb

From: Risk of tuberculosis in patients with diabetes: population based cohort study using the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink

  Low risk groupc High risk groupd
  With diabetes Without diabetes Difference With diabetes Without diabetes Difference
Tuberculosis ratesb 3.7 × 10−6 2.8 × 10−6 8.4 × 10−7 893.7 687.9 205.8
  1. aIncidence rates predicted from Poisson model including variables: diabetes status, age, ethnicity, alcohol status, smoking status, body mass index (BMI) and index of multiple deprivation (IMD)
  2. bTuberculosis rates per 100,000 person years
  3. cAge <20 years, white ethnicity, moderate drinkers, non-smokers, BMI >30 and in the 1st IMD quintile
  4. dAge >70 years, South Asian ethnicity, non-drinkers, current-smokers, BMI <20 and in the 5th IMD quintile