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Fig. 6

From: A meta-analysis of the performance of the PimaTM CD4 for point of care testing

Fig. 6

Scatter plots and bar charts of method comparison parameters of the Pima CD4 compared to reference CD4 technologies. Scatter plot a = Mean cell bias (Pima – Reference) including standard deviation error bars, with the CD4 count represented on the vertical axis. The dotted line indicates 0 bias. Scatter plot b(I) = mean percentage similarity including the % similarity SD, with the vertical axis as % similarity. The dotted line indicates 100 %. Alongside the scatter plot is a bar chart b(II) indicating the overall % similarity CV. Scatter plot (c) = percent bias (difference) including the percent bias SD for all observations with reference technology values >100 cells/μl, with the vertical axis as % difference. The legend indicates the sample size and the dotted line indicates 0 % difference. Plot d is a bar chart representing the concordance correlation between the Pima CD4 and reference technologies. The grey scale shows the strength of agreement (<0.9 = poor; 0.9-0.95 = moderate; 0.95-0.99 = substantial)

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