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Table 1 Model parameters and references

From: The role of a hepatitis C virus vaccine: modelling the benefits alongside direct-acting antiviral treatments

Parameter Symbol Value References
Duration of injecting career 1/μ1 14 years Fazito et al. global average [26]
Mortality rate μ2 0.0083 per year Stoové et al. [27]
Exit rate μ μ1 + μ2 per year  
Proportion at high risk, defined as the proportion of PWID experiencing unstable housing [16] Vary η to calibrate 0.17 O’Keefe et al. [28]
Duration at high risk 12/κ 13 months O’Keefe et al. [28]
Recruitment to high risk η Calibrated to proportion at high risk  
Infection risk factor of high-risk PWID compared to low-risk PWID Γ 3.6 Turner et al. [29], Allen et al. [30], Aitken et al. [31]
Infection rate π Calibrated to initial prevalence  
Proportion of infected who spontaneously clear δ 0.26 Micallef et al. [24]
Proportion treated who are cured (interferon-free DAAs, all genotypes) α 0.9 Lawitz et al. [10], Gane et al. [11], Poordad et al. [12]
Treatment duration (interferon-free DAAs, all genotypes) 52/ω 12 weeks Lawitz et al. [10], Gane et al. [11], Poordad et al. [12], Chen et al. [32]
Vaccine efficacy ε 30 %, 60 %, 90 % Assumed
Vaccine duration of protection   Greater than the length of injecting career Assumed
  1. DAA direct-acting antiviral, PWID people who inject drugs