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Fig. 4

From: RNY-derived small RNAs as a signature of coronary artery disease

Fig. 4

Circulating s-RNY1-5p expression is induced in patients with CAD. a Box plot showing the expression in natural logarithmic scale of circulating s-RNY1-5p in the derivation cohort composed by the serum of 43 coronary artery disease (CAD) patients versus 106 control individuals (left panel). Data derived from RT-qPCR, normalized using cel-miR-39, and presented as mean and standard deviation. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for predicting CAD with s-RNY1-5p was based on the RT-qPCR data of n = 149 (right panel). The area under the ROC curve is indicated. b, c Box plots showing, in the derivation cohort (43 CAD patients and 106 control individuals), the expression of circulating s-RNY1-5p normalized with the indicated reference genes, in linear scale (b) and natural logarithmic scale (c). d Pearson, Spearman, and interclass correlation coefficients among the circulating s-RNY1-5p values normalized with the indicated reference genes. Student’s t-test: ***P <0.001

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