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Table 3 Selected gene expression signatures that are highly expressed in young breast cancer patients

From: Genomic aberrations in young and elderly  breast cancer patients

Signature Logistic regressionb FDR
Endocrine resistance
 Creighton_Endocrine_Therapy_Resistancea 1.03E-18 1.07E-14
 Massarweh_Tamaxifen_Resistance 1.79E-14 1.84-10
 Masri_resistance_to Tamoxifen_And_Aromatase_Inhibitor 7.58E-09 7.66E-05
 Regulation of cell cycle 1.43E-11 1.47E-07
 Regulation of Mitotic_Cell_Cycle 8.43E-10 8.59E-06
Stem cell
 Lim_Mammary_Stem_Cell 3.62E-08 0.0003
 PID_Notch_Pathway 1.52E-11 1.56E-07
 Benporath_SOX2_Targets 1.58E-10 1.62E-06
 Galie_Tumor_Stemness_Genes 1.62E-07 0.001
 Notch_Signaling_Pathway 1.00E_06 0.009
 Nguyen_Notch_Targets_Up 1.12E-06 0.01
  1. aMore than one signature; bmodel adjusted for tumor size, nodal status, tumor histology and breast cancer subtype. FDR, false discovery rate