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Table 2 Comparison of NBC to other VA classifiers

From: Naive Bayes classifiers for verbal autopsies: comparison to physician-based classification for 21,000 child and adult deaths

Feature InterVA-4 OTMa NBC
Learns from training set No Yes Yes
Uses Bayes rule Yes No Yes
Uses naive assumption Yes Yes Yes
Accounts for absence of symptom No No Yes
  1. NBC naïve Bayes classifier, VA verbal autopsy, OTM open-source Tariff Method
  2. aOur earlier publication demonstrates that the performance of our OTM to the original Tariff method is comparable [8]; the OTM performed almost exactly as the original Tariff method on the hospital-based dataset without the health care experience (HCE) variables (for the top cause), but less well than the same analysis with HCE variables. Note that results in the original Tariff publication without HCE were only available for the top assigned cause [7]. HCE variables are those that capture any information that the respondent may know about the decedent’s experiences with health care