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Table 4 Characteristics of individuals co-infected with HIV and invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) in England during 2011–2013

From: Risk of invasive meningococcal disease in children and adults with HIV in England: a population-based cohort study

Age group at IMD (years) Group Time between HIV and IMD diagnosis Time between ART and IMD CD4 <350 cells/mm3 at HIV diagnosis CD4 at IMD <350 cells/mm3 HIV risk Region of birth Year of arrival Clinical presentation ICU admission
<16 B 2 years 2 years N N MTCT Africa 2008 Septicaemia N
16–24 W 13 years - N/A N/A MTCT Africa 2000 Pneumonia Y
16–24 B After IMD After IMD Y N/A MSM Asia 2008 Men & Sep Y
16–24 Y 2 years 2 years Y N HET Africa 2004 Men & Sep Y
25–44 Y 11 years 11 years Y Y HET Africa 2002 Septic arthritis N
25–44 C 9 years 9 years N N HET Africa 2000 Septicaemia N
25–44 W 8 years 8 years N N HET Africa 2004 Septicaemia Y
25–44 B 5 years 4 years Y Y HET Africa 2004 Septicaemia N
45–64 C 5 years At time of IMD N N/A MSM UK - Septicaemia N
45–64 Y 16 years 2 years N Y HET UK - Pneumonia N
45–64 Y 10 years At time of IMD Y N/A HET Africa 1988 Septicaemia Y
45–64 B 3 years 3 years Y Y HET Africa 2002 Meningitis N
45–64 Y At the time of IMD After IMD N N HET Africa 1975 Men & Sep Y
45–64 C At the time of IMD Not on ART Y Y HET UK - Septicaemia N
  1. HET heterosexual contact, ICU intensive care unit, Men & Sep meningitis and septicaemia, MSM men who have sex with men, MTCT mother-to-child transmission, N no, N/A not available, Y yes