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Table 2 Matching our nine disease areas with Anatomical Therapeutic Classification (ATC) codes

From: Quantifying the economic impact of government and charity funding of medical research on private research and development funding in the United Kingdom

Therapy area ATC 1 and ATC2 level
Gastroenterology A
Blood B
Cardiovascular C
Skin D
Cancer L01; L02a
Central Nervous System N03; N04; N05; N06; N07b
Infection J, Pc
Respiratory R
Vision S01d
  1. a L contains four ATC2 codes, but cancer drugs are only included in L01 (Antineoplastic agents) and L02 (Endocrine therapy). L03 and L04 refer to Immunostimulants and Immunosuppresants, respectively
  2. b N contains seven ATC2 codes, but we have only included the following five ATC2 codes: N03 Antiepileptics; N04 Anti-Parkinson drugs; N05 Psycholeptics; N06 Psychoanaleptics; N07 Other nervous system drugs. N01 refer to Anesthetics and N02 to Analgesics
  3. c J Anti-infectives for systemic use, P Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents
  4. d Vision does not have a separate ATC1 code, and thus we used an ATC2 code (S01, Ophthalmologicals)