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Table 3 Pubertal development genetic risk score and prostate cancer risk, stage and grade in the ProtecT study

From: Pubertal development and prostate cancer risk: Mendelian randomization study in a population-based cohort

Trait n OR 95 % CI P value
Control/case (0/1) 2,927 0.95 0.87–1.04 0.3
Gleason score (0:≤6/1:≥7)a 1,135 0.76 0.64–0.89 0.001
Stage (0:localised/1:locally advanced) 1,136 0.80 0.64–1.01 0.06
BPH (0:no/1:yes) 1,363 1.11 0.88–1.40 0.4
  1. ORs indicate effects per tertile increase in the genetic score, adjusted by age, recruitment centre and 10 principal components for population structure
  2. a0 corresponds to the reference category
  3. BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia, CI Confidence intervals, OR Odds ratio