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Table 1 Data for TIME Impact

From: TIME Impact – a new user-friendly tuberculosis (TB) model to inform TB policy decisions

 • Demographic data and projections; UN Population Division
 • Global Tuberculosis Programme (GTB) estimates for incidence, prevalence, mortality, notifications; GTB
 • HIV burden and antiretroviral therapy (ART) coverage; UNAIDS
 • Estimated number of individuals screened (preferably trends); National Tuberculosis Programmes (NTPs)
 • Diagnostic algorithms and coverage; NTP
 • Linkage to care (trends, by multidrug resistance (MDR)); NTP, literature (MDR, GTB)
 • Treatment success, by MDR (trends); GTB
 • Drug susceptibility testing coverage; GTB
 • Prevalence survey results; NTP
 • Drug resistance survey results; NTP
 • HIV prevalence + ART coverage (required if high HIV burden setting); GTB, NTP
 • Proportion of tuberculosis (TB) in children (<15 years old); NTP
 • Current coverage and efficacy of TB programme activities; NTP
 • Size of risk groups and TB prevalence; NTP
  1. Table provides a non-exhaustive list of data used to inform TIME Impact and suggested sources. ‘Included’ data are automatically provided by Spectrum, whereas those listed under ‘required’ and ‘desirable’ need to be provided by the user