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Table 2 Key multiple sclerosis (MS) registry studies in Europe, North America and globally

From: The importance of collecting structured clinical information on multiple sclerosis

Registry Patients, n
 Croatia (SDMSH) 2477
 Denmark (DMSC) 12,500
 France (EDMUS) ~40,000
 Germany (DMSG) ~30,000
 Germany (MSDS3D Users) >5000
 Greece (GMSS) 3500
 Italy (iMed/web) ~20,000
 Norway (Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste for multippel sklerose – MS) 5100
 Russia 21,500
 Serbia 3500
 Spain (Catalonia; EpidEMcat) >5000
 Sweden (SMSreg) 12,900
 Switzerland (SMSR) 270
 United Kingdom (MS Register) 8300
North America
 Canada (London Ontario) 1099
 Canada (British Columbia) 2837
 USA (New York; NYSMSC) 9600a
 USA (NARCOMS) 19,297
 MSBase (31 countries) 39,030
  1. Patient numbers are derived from the original publications [30, 44] and may have changed
  2. aNumbers updated by NYSMSC, 6 May 2016
  3. DMSC, Danish Multiple Sclerosis Center; DMSG, National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Germany; EDMUS, European Database for Multiple Sclerosis; EpidEMcat, Catalonia MS Registry; GMSS, Greek Multiple Sclerosis Society; NARCOMS, North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis; NYSMSC, New York State Multiple Sclerosis Consortium; MSBase, Multiple Sclerosis database; SDMSH, Croatian Multiple Sclerosis Society; SMSR, Scottish Multiple Sclerosis Register; SMSreg, Swedish MS registry