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Table 1 Parameter values of the dynamic model

From: Fast and accurate dynamic estimation of field effectiveness of meningococcal vaccines

  Description Value Source
α Yearly crude birthrates Between 11.3 and 13.0 per 1000 population, variable by year [47]
μ a Yearly mortality rates Variable by age (Additional file 1: Figure S2) [47]
τ car Duration of carriage (1/ρ) 6 [3–9] months [41, 43, 49]
β a Quarterly rates of infection given contacts with carriers Variable by age (Additional file 1: Figure S4) Fitted
\(m_{aa'}\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\) Daily contact rates matrix Variable by age of subject and contact (Additional file 1: Figure S3) [48]
θ a Quarterly risks of disease given infection Variable by age (Additional file 1: Figure S5) Fitted
γ a Quarterly fraction of population vaccinated MenB: 95 % of 1 year olds MenC: variable by age and schedule MenB: assumed MenC: [52]
τ imm,a Duration of immunity to disease MenB: 18 months MenC: variable by age (15 [9–24] mths, 5 years, 10 years) MenB: assumed MenC: [25, 41]
ω a Waning of immunity fraction MenB: 100 % MenC: 58.4 % MenB: assumed MenC: [26]