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Table 1 In vivo animal studies presenting the effect of osteogenic growth peptide (OGP) on bone and bone healing

From: The role of peptides in bone healing and regeneration: a systematic review

Study/Year Model Mode of delivery Results
Sun et al., 1998 [89] Tibial fracture in rabbits IV administration • OGP treatment accelerated fracture union
Brager et al., 2000 [85] Femoral fracture in rats Systematic administration of OGP (25 ng/day) • OGP enhances proliferation and differentiation of osteogenic cells possibly through the upregulation of TGF-beta
Gabet et al., 2004 [83] Mid-femoral fracture in rats Systematic administration of OGP • OGP administration resulted in enhanced bridging across fracture gap, higher volume of callus and newly formed bone
Shuqiang et al., 2008 [84] Radial 1.5 cm segmental defect in rabbits OGP incorporated in PLGA • The rate of bone formation and volume were statistically significantly upregulated in experimental group
Zhao et al., 2011 [88] Distraction osteogenesis in rabbit tibia Systematic administration of OGP (200 ng/kg/day) • OGP treatments resulted in greater torsional stiffness, higher chondrocyte numbers and amount of newly formed bone