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Fig. 2

From: Genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a London outbreak associated with isoniazid resistance

Fig. 2

BLAST ring for the graphical representation of deleted genes in the isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis outbreak. Deleted regions are shown as white empty spaces in the alignment. The order is the same as for the phylogenetic tree. Strains 02.292, 03.039, 04.018, 04.211, 04.494, 04.503, and 07.116 (all closely related) are in red. Strains 05.046, 02.113, 03.013, and 03.313 are coloured deep blue, and control strains 05.177, 05.094, and 04.011 are light blue as H37Rv. Strain 04.194 is also shown in red

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