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Table 4 Children referred to hospital with normal CRP level < 5 mg/L (n = 24)

From: Should all acutely ill children in primary care be tested with point-of-care CRP: a cluster randomised trial

# Reason for referral to hospital Additional tests ordered by GP Highest temperature (°C) Clinician concern (GP) Admitted to hospital Final discharge diagnosis
1 Rule out pneumonia Chest X-ray; urine culture 40.2 Yes No Viral URTI
2 Rule out meningitis Urine culture 38.2 Yes No Viral URTI
3 Rule out meningitis Urine culture 39.7 Yes No Viral URTI
4 Rule out ketoacidosis Glycaemia fingerstick 35.9 Yes Yes Viral URTI
5 Rule out pneumonia Urine culture 40.5 Yes No Viral URTI
6 Rule out UTI None 40 Yes No Viral URTI
7 Might need intensive aerosol treatment Urine culture 39.6 Yes No Viral URTI
8 Rule out pneumonia FBC; chest X-ray 38.5 Yes No Viral URTI
9 Recurring otitis media Urine culture 37.5 Yes No Viral URTI
10 Rule out pneumonia Urine culture 38 Yes No Viral URTI
11 Not resolving 3 days after start antibiotics Urine culture 38.8 Yes No Viral URTI
12 Rule out pneumonia FBC; ultrasound No No Viral URTI
13 Recurring otitis media none 36.8 No No Viral URTI
14 Rule out UTI Urine culture 38.4 Yes No UTI
15 Rule out UTI Urine culture 40.5 Yes No UTI
16 Rule out UTI Urine culture 36.1 No No UTI
17 Rule out UTI Urine culture 36.6 Yes No Viral gastroenteritis
18 Grunting Chest X-ray; ultrasound 37.1 Yes No Viral gastroenteritis
19 Rule out bacterial gastroenteritis Stool culture Yes Yes Viral gastroenteritis
20 Rule out appendicitis None 37.6 Yes No Viral gastroenteritis
21 Rule out appendicitis None 35.6 No No Viral gastroenteritis
22 Rule out appendicitis Ultrasound; stool culture No No Viral gastroenteritis
23 Rule out parasites FBC; urine culture 37.0 No No Viral gastroenteritis
24 Rule out appendicitis Ultrasound 36.4 No No Viral gastroenteritis
  1. CRP point-of-care CRP testing, GP general practitioner, URTI upper respiratory tract infection, UTI urinary tract infection, FBC full blood count