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Table 1 Capacity building and training activities within WANETAM

From: The emerging threat of pre-extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in West Africa: preparing for large-scale tuberculosis research and drug resistance surveillance

Year Workshop title Content Duration Location Number of trainees
2010 Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) Principles of GCLP 1 week MRC 18
2011 Basic Mycobacteriology Microscopy 4 weeks MRC 18
Isolation of mycobacteria
Solid and liquid culture
Storage of isolates
2013 IATA Certification Training Shipment of isolates 2 days Benin 23
2012 Molecular Epidemiology of MDR-TB in West Africa Boiled lysate/genomic DNA extraction 2 weeks MRC 18
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
Hain MTBDRplus
2013 Rapid Detection, Rapid Action: TB diagnosis with GeneXpert Background on RT-PCR testing 1 week MRC 18
GeneXpert technology and maintenance
Practical Xpert MTB/RIF
Result interpretation
2013 From Bench to Genome, a Simplified Perspective Bioinformatics course 1 day MRC 18
2014 Data Analysis and Publishing Statistics 1 week MRC 18
Critical appraisal of data
Writing skills
2010–2014 12 Visits to Partner Sites Customised training 8 weeks WANETAM sites
  1. MTBDRplus assay for rapid detection of multi-drug-resistant TB, Xpert MTB/RIF assay for rapid detection of TB and resistance to rifampicin