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Table 1 Properties of selected post-stoke dementia assessment scales

From: Post-stroke dementia – a comprehensive review

Test Sensitivity Specificity Free to use Time to administer (min) Validated in stroke Suitable for aphasia
ACE-R 0.96 0.70 Yes 20 Yes No
IQCODEa 0.81 0.83 Yes 5 Partial Yes
MMSE 0.72 0.82 No 5 Yes No
MoCA (<26/30) 0.95 0.45 Yes 10 Yes No
MoCA (<22/30) 0.85 0.76 Yes 10 Yes No
R-CAMCOG 0.81 0.92 No 15 Yes No
  1. Test properties are from meta-analyses and describe accuracy at conventional thresholds unless otherwise stated
  2. ACE-R Addenbrookes Cognitive Evaluation Revised, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, R-CAMCOG Rotterdam CAMCOG
  3. aAccuracy of IQCODE for assessment of PSD in the longer term after stroke