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Table 3 Correlations between surgery-induced changes in serum biochemical variables and mitochondrial parameters in white adipose tissue

From: Impact of gut hormone FGF-19 on type-2 diabetes and mitochondrial recovery in a prospective study of obese diabetic women undergoing bariatric surgery

  Correlation statistics
  Pearson’s r P value
 Mitochondrial number –0.400 0.023
Total cholesterol
 mtATP6 –0.318 0.038
 UCP2 –0.343 0.024
HDL cholesterol
 COX4I1 –0.335 0.030
 mtATP6 –0.359 0.020
  1. Pearson’s correlation coefficient analyses were performed using change variables (pre- to post-surgery percentage change) in the total patient cohort (n = 39) between serum biochemistry (bold) and mitochondrial genes
  2. mtATP6 mitochondria-DNA-encoded ATP synthase subunit 6 (complex V), UCP2 uncoupling protein 2, COX4I1 Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4 isoform 1 (complex IV)