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Table 1 Calibration targets for the model. Estimates for incidence and proportion MDR are taken from the Global TB Report 2016, while prevalence estimates are taken from a recent pooled analysis of prevalence surveys in India, reported in [27]

From: Counting the lives saved by DOTS in India: a model-based approach

Indicator Calibration target
Incidence in 2015 217 (112–355) per 100,000 population
Prevalence in 2015 253 (195–312) per 100,000 population
Proportion MDR 3.1% (2.6–3.7) (averaged over new and retreatment cases)
Cumulative notifications to public sector (1997–2015) 19.61 million (17.65–21.57 million) (allowing for 10% error)
Out of the above, cumulative MDR notifications (2007–2015) 92,753 (83,478–102,028) (allowing for 10% error)